Our Service Gets the Job Done

Review the process we use below to make your poison ivy history

We start with a walk through

We look at the areas you have already identified and also do a complete check of the rest of your property. To thoroughly attend to the problem we have to be sure to identify and include all areas with poison ivy in the scope of work.

Next we discuss our plan of attack

We create a diagram of the problem areas and discuss which sections are your top priority. Our plans usually target key areas such as walkways, kid's play areas, and gardens first before moving to more general areas. We discuss whether the poison ivy comes from a neighbor's yard, grows in from the street, or is an isolated patch. We talk about the small amount that might regenerate and further steps to take at that point.

Then we can determine the budget needed for removal

After inspecting your property we can give you an estimate on the time and cost to remove your poison ivy. If needed, we can break down the estimate into phases so decisions can be made as to which areas are the highest priority.

Now it's time to get to work!

We arrive at the appointed time and set up.  We do the work, pack up and go.  And rest assured we remove everything.  Your yard will look exactly the same, minus the poison ivy.

Following up is part of the process

Many times once is not enough.  We will be happy to come back a month later or the following year to reassess the area we cleared and discuss removing any stubborn vines that return.

What other benefits come with hiring us?

Poison Ivy growing with Iris on this Massachusetts property

We know plants 

We will not accidently remove your prize iris or your favorite columbine or the tiger lily your mother gave you on your birthday.  We can show you several look-a-likes that are NOT poison ivy, such as false strawberry, and explain how to tell the difference.

We travel

We're based in New Hampshire, but we can travel to the poison ivy.  Ask us for a long distance estimate, including overnight accommodations, flights and meals.  We are happy to discuss your needs. 

Poison Ivy Removal Company provides services all over New England
Invasive Poison Ivy Vines in New Hampshire

We remove other invasive plants

We also remove other invasive or noxious plants, such as stinging nettle, poison oak and poison sumac.  We occasionally run into yellow jacket nests while working with poison ivy.  We take care of them and move on.

"The Poison Ivy Removal Company has been a lifesaver for us."

"The property around ours was completely overrun with thick vines and a field of poison Ivy and my wife is highly allergic. The service did an outstanding job clearing the affected areas over a series of sessions leaving not even a trace. The commitment, dedication and quality of the company is outstanding - we are extremely grateful and highly recommend them without reservation"

G. S. Windham NH