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Chemical-Free, Roots and All

We remove poison ivy by the roots so you can get your yard back.

Afraid to touch that ball that rolled too far?

Got that rash from gardening?

Nervous about touching your pet who has been outside?


Then it's time to get your yard back and enjoy your property again!


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We Are Your Poison Ivy Solution

From our home base in Greenfield, New Hampshire, we provide poison ivy removal services to property owners in Northern New England and beyond.

Don't let another season go by allowing poison ivy to take over your property.

Protective clothing to remove poison ivy on a NH property
Poison ivy removal tools for use on a New Hampshire Project
Removing poison ivy vine

Utilizing Horticultural Knowledge and Elbow Grease, 
Not Chemicals

Truly caring of the environment, we use no chemicals. It's mostly just hand tools and hard work. We will come to your property, suit up, and remove the poison ivy, roots and all. Then we pack it all up and take it away.

There are no hidden expenses, no mess to clean up, no damage to your existing plants, and most importantly, no more poison ivy!

What our clients have to say about our professional services

Mary - Home Owner

Francestown, NHI have found the expertise and professionalism of the Poison Ivy Removal Company exceed all expectations. I am highly allergic to poison ivy and with the meticulous work done by the company, I am reassured that I can enjoy my gardens and feel confident that I will not become infected. The company also has my praise for courtesy, reliability and all around pleasantness. I would highly recommend this superb company.

Christie Dustman APLD - Principal MCH, Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist

Poison ivy is a bane of our existence as fine gardeners. When we see it, it is like a “no entry” zone and coming up with non-toxic and effective removal strategies is almost impossible. When PIRC came to one of my job sites and donned hazmat suits with ice packs to keep cool inside the suit, I was very impressed with their dedication and thoroughness. Their focus of a nontoxic removal strategy that actually removes the vines that are still laced with the oils is our favored approach for our clients. And their follow up has been great too for spots where the vines may recur. There is no better solution that simply completely removing it.

Zach - Homeowner in New Boston

You literally put years of my worries about plants I thought were poison ivy to rest with all the plants you helped me identify. It's no small thing to me how you helped.

Priscilla Hutt Williams - President Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening

We are thrilled and relieved to turn over heavy-duty poison ivy removal work to Helaine and her team at the Poison Ivy Removal Company. She has been quick to respond to our clients’ requests and thoroughly professional. This group successfully removed poison ivy from a stone wall, a rough woods edge, a field, and a vinca planting that had been “let go.” I like her plan for regrowth checks the following season. A much-needed service in the organic and ecological landscape field!

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